Animal House Veterinary Hospital

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 In Memory of...


JusticeJustice (and yes, Justice is truly blind), our chief keyboard warmer at Animal House Veterinary Hospital

Chief Keyboard Warmer  (R.I.P-4/7/2015)


Justice was our blind little princess.  She was abandoned at Animal House on a scorching summer afternoon when temperatures soared over 105F.  Fortunately, our groomer saw her immediately preventing her from heat stroke and certain death.   She had detached retinas in both her eyes when she was abandoned which rendered her completely blind. 

She was such an inspiration!  Even though she was discarded and is completely blind, she never complained and purred constantly!  She jumped on counters, found cardboard boxes to play in and her motor never stopped running.  She meandered around the hospital but spent most of her time sitting on Dr. Sherry's keyboard.  Dr. Sherry would get up and work on another computer so as not to disturb the princess!

        Odie   (12/23/03 - 7/26/16)
Odie was a sweetie. He always wanted to be loved on by anyone. He was quite and kept to himself at times. He made friends any where he would go. Odie was gentle and wouldn't hurt a thing. He will surly be missed by his family and friends at Animal House. 

Holly (12/25/14 - 11/22/16) 

Holly was a kind soul. She loved to go hunting and spending time with the family. She was playful and very energetic. She sometimes gave her parents a hard time. Holly will be missed by her family and the family at Animal House. 

        Whitty (8/23/00 - 11/21/16)

Whitty was tough girl for her size. She had a loving home and parents that loved her dearly; they would do anything for her. Whitty is a special little girl in all of our hearts. She leaves behind her family, but she will forever be in our hearts. She will be missed. 

Willie (5/05/06 - 11/23/16) 

Willie was a loving boy. He was adopted through Animal House. He loved to chase aluminum foil balls. Willie will be greatly missed by many. 

Auggie     (6/20/06 - 12/18/16)

Auggie was a fun loving boy. He would wag his tail at almost everything. He did not have a mean bone in his body. Auggie would lay hid head in your lap and let you do what ever it is that you had to do. He will be missed by us all.   

Gizmo (11/18/04 - 12/05/16)

Gizmo was a kind soul. He loved his family very much. His parents would give him a sock and tie a knot in it so he can play fetch. He loved his socks so much that he would play for a long time and play hard that he would stretch out to catch a breath. Gizmo will be missed by his family and his family at Animal House as well. 

Mr. Jenkins (9/2010- 1/2017)

We are sad to say we had lost one of our ground keepers; Mr. Jenkins. He had lived a long happy life with us here at Animal House. He will be missed. 

Lilly (03/20/02-10/7/16)

Lilly was a beautiful and kind soul. She was gentle and loved everyone. She had an amazing family who loved her dearly. She will be missed.